Wednesday, July 15, 2015

• America’s Slave Empire

·        America’s Slave Empire Posted on Jun 21, 2015 By Chris Hedges's slave Empire


Jennifer said...

I have a question for the prison librarian. I know this is an odd question, but do prison employees ever use the library or is it strictly for inmates? I know the materials are for inmates, but do employees every use the library as a quiet space to work?

Shiya Priya said...

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Peggy said...

This varies from prison to prison and state to state. In Maryland, library services is for the prisoners. That is because the library funds come from Inmate Welfare Funds. The prison system charges the inmates a lot of money to make collect calls to their family members, etc. The providing company takes approx 60% of the profit and the prison system gets 40% that they use for programs for the inmates. The Library budget to purchase books and in some case hire librarians came from IWF. Each state does different things with their IWF