Saturday, June 13, 2015

Anonymous Donor

Acting as intermediary for a generous donor, this week I purchased and delivered over $1800.00 worth of new books to Maryland Transition Center, that was  known at Maryland Penitentiary when I worked in the prison system. I bought books on self-help, job interview techniques, fund source to start your own business, gardening, landscaping, family relations, and some leisure reading for the inmates who are transitioning back to society. Sheer pleasure for me to purchase, than to sort through donated books from well meaning persons who "cant bear to throw books away" so they clear out their deceased ancestors book shelves to donate to the "poor prisoners" then ask for receipts for tax purposes.

We should bear in mind that if we do not prepare inmates for reentry, the recidivism rate is higher, and we as tax payers pay a higher price.

Entrance to MTC- MRDCC on Right.  Inmates get classified and sent to prison from MRDCC

Unloading books with the help of inmates
L to R): MTC  Warden Solomon Hejirika; former librarian Glennor Shirley; Asst. Warden Dionne Randolph; Chief of Security Linda E. Cottie.

Inmates taking  donated books  into the  institution


Jared Zimmerman said...

Good thing some generous people donate books for them to read too.

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Ladia madden said...

It is very great thing that donating books.Reading and writing are most important factor to reach in a higher position.So it will very helpful for all to grow with knowledge and all.