Sunday, March 3, 2013

Prison Education

 Below is an Article and comments from the web site  :  Social Justice

U.S. Prisons Don’t Fund Education, and Everybody Pays a Price
After a murder charge at 13, Xavier McElrath-Bey earned a college degree behind bars and now saves lives. All convicts should have that chance.
By Matthew Fleische

Working as a prison Librarian dealing directly with inmates, and later as the Coordinator for all Maryland state prison libraries, I found the library was a transforming place for inmates, majority of whom had never visited a library before incarceration.

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Onion said...

Hi, Glennor-
I'm looking for reference photos of the interior signage of a typical prison Library for a set I'm working on.
Would you be interested in helping me out? I'm mostly interested in the verbiage on the little signs around the library. you can contact me through my google account.