Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Private Prison and Florida Atlantic University

A University and a for profit prison company, GEO Group,  form partnership so the  stadium bears the name of a private prison group?  What kind of message is this?

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Aaron Brown said...


thank you for your blog.

I may be working at the D Ray James Prison in Folkston, GA, which is owned by the GEO Group.

I live in Marietta, GA near Atlanta. I'm not entirely sure about working there since I am a more free-spirited person, but it would be intriguing to help prisoners to learn to think differently in order to be prepared to live in society again.

As for the stadium named for the GEO Group... well... lol, I suppose it's just a financial arrangement. But... yeah... how can people support the commercialization of a private prison company? Yes, it's a bit strange. But I guess they can say, "Well, they do a good service." I don't know, the privatization of sports stadiums is a strange and sometimes unfortunate affair.