Thursday, February 2, 2012

Juveniles and Incarceration

According to PNLA Quarterly on any given day more than 100,000 teens are incarcerated in the US,   In 2004, on a typical day,  more than 7,000 under 18 years were incarcerated as adults.  The DOJ statistics project that by 2020, the juvenile population will increase by 36%.

85% of incarcerated juveniles are functionally illiterate.  60% of incarcerated adults are functionally illiterate. There is a direct link with illiteracy, poverty, and incarceration.

Recidivism rate for those who receive an education while in prison is 16%
The Recidivism rate for those who return to society without participating in literacy programs while in prison is 70%


max said...

Struggling - Reluctant readers in prisons .

I grew up hating to read.

Today I write action-adventures & mysteries for others who may be experiencing the same difficulties. Though my target audience is readers 8 - 13, especially boys, my books are enjoyed just as much by adults.

The type is larger, I use lots of dialog and humor, sentences are shorter, and there are few large blocks of words.

More information is available at Books for Boys Blog

If you have questions, please let me know, but I would also encourage you to let others know about these books. They really work with reluctant readers.

Thank you,

Max Elliot Anderson

Peggy said...

Thanks for responding Max. I will post it to the librarians across the state and the prison librarian group across the country. Glennor