Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prison Library Programs Loyola University

 At Jessup Correctional Institution, Dr. Drew Leder, M.D. Ph.D, Philosophy Dept., Loyola U.,  and some of his student,  conducted  an eight- week course using a book he authored-  "Sparks of the Divine". 20-30 inmates participated.   Dr. Leder:  "We focussed on how to find meaning, beauty and spiritual lessons in the things and activities of everyday life-including those still available within  a prison.... For the Loyola students it was a very exciting and enlightening experience-- They were extremely impressed by the quality of the inmates' commitment, knowledge, and reflective comments.  Any simple-minded stereotypes they had of "criminals" and "prisoners" were quickly overturned by this experience. I think it also helped them appreciate their own education and make them feel they have something to share with those less fortunate"....From the inmates, we have received many comments about how much the class and our presence was appreciated, and how the materials studied was bothe inspiring and practically applicable in their daily lives".

Ms Schroeder,JCI  Librarian, Dr. Leder, Loyola U. students Rosie, Kim, Chloe, Tom


Cindy Kelly said...

This is marvelous! Anything that can increase awareness of the needs of those in prisons is great. I volunteer with a project that takes books and tapes into a local prison so dads there can read and record books to send to their kids. I'd love to lead book discussions in the prison as well. Reading about this program encourages me. Thanks.

Dory said...

This is wonderful! Peggy I have some questions I would like to ask you because I am doing my senior thesis for my Literature degree on the importance of Literature in the criminal justice system. Can you please email me your contact information? My email is Thanks!