Friday, May 7, 2010

Prison Library Programs BIG READ

Big Read PosterGrace Schroeder, Librarian JCI June Brittingham, Librarian, ECIW, Glennor Shirley, Library Coordinaotr

Maryland Correctional Education Libraries was the only prison that received an NEA award of the BIG READ. The kick off event at Eastern Correctional Institution (ECIW) and Maryland Correctional Institution Hagerstown (MCIH was covered in the Cumberland Times and DelMarva Times and the DPSCS web site program that centered around the book Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury.

Comments from inmates: "I learned that those in ultimate power use their power to control knowledge I truly appreciate the volunteer who gave his time, knowledge, and enthusiasm".

"I learned about the underlying current of the disposing of the process of book reading".

"The book discussion was a very positive experience and allowed intelligent conversation in an otherwise intellectually dampened environment".

"I learned about the importance of history and free thinking".

"I learned the importance of freedom of speech".

"The exchange of ideas was the best part of the group".

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