Friday, August 7, 2009

Prison Librarians at ALA Conference

Erica MacCreaigh presents a well attended program, "Do you belong in Jail?"

LSSPS dinner

Diana Reese auctions off socks. Erica paid to have a daring librarian wear it during the ASCLA COSLA reception. LSSPS fund raising effort towards the ASCLA Century Scholarship

Diane Walden was a good sport as she took up the challenge to wear the overtly displayed socks to the ASCLA COSLA reception. All part of the fund raising


ZoeDeana68 said...

I'd like to find out more about these conferences and any other trainings (other than LATI) that would benefit me. I'm still a newbie. I'm only 15months old! LOL. Also, Peggy, would you contact me. I'd like to get your permission to quote you in my LATI presentation. Thanks!

Peggy said...

Sorry about not responding before. I just saw the comment. Yes you may quote anything I have on the blog. You could also look at my ALA Behind the walls column. My work email is