Thursday, December 13, 2007

Prisoners going home

In maximum security correctional facilities, prisoners are interested in legal materials because they want to get back to the courts to get sentence reduction. As they advance to lesser security, they desire information to get them transition back into the community.ala/olos

They want information on relationship, career, housing, social services, getting back with their family, getting their GED, etc. Many experience difficulty when they get out.

I am very proud of our recent acquisition in Maryland Correctional Education libraries. - a bookmobile that will have computers to teach Internet skills, and have books on the trades as well as the information to help the inmate. I will be working collaboratively with the transition coordinator, who will ensure that an instructor comes on board to teach employability skills. This bookmobile will go to the pre lease centers and the inmates who are within 6 months of returning to the community, will have priority.

Our inmates do not have direct access to the Internet, but librarians do have access. We have developed a web site with reentry information

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