Thursday, December 6, 2007

legal training up snow mountain

Majority of our inmates do not know how to use our legal databases, therefore I arrange legal database training programs. Yesterday's training was for a site 70 miles away. The weather forecast predicted up to 3 inches of snow, so this tropical bird, who 3 days ago was basking in the Jamaican sunshine, flirted with cancelling the program.

I remembered, however, a past comment from a prisoner , "We ain't going nowwhere when it snows, Ms Shirley, we still here", so I drove slowly up the mountains. In the library, 58 inmates sat patiently awaiting our arrival.

While the trainer conducted the program an inmate approached me smiling. " I remember you from way back", he said. "When you were at the Pen (the penitentiary) you used to talk to me and give me advise. I really appreciate that because now I have my GED."

Another inmate asked who I was and my contact information. I referred him to the on site librarian because I am now wise to the list of instant solutions they expect from headquarters. I listened to and noted some of their suggestions.

I kept an eye on the trainer to intervene since inmates often ask for answers to their personal situation. We constantly have to remind inmates that we are trainers, not lawyers, referring them to the appropriate staff.

By the time the session ended the snow had covered the ground. Inmates gathered around the trainer for more questions. Laughing, they said goodbye when I warned that if they wanted a future session, they had better allow me to drive down snow mountain.
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