Sunday, November 30, 2014

Children of Incarcerated Parents

I was very happy to come upon this link where Sesame Street did a short video of children visiting their parents in prison.  The video reminded me of the lost  look I saw on the faces of children each time I passed through visiting rooms when I worked in the prisons.  It was this look that prompted me to start the program, FAMILY LITERACY @ YOUR LIBRARY.  It also prompted me to write an article titled "Reflections...". Children with parents in prison sometimes drop out of school,  end up in  gangs, in poverty, and become addicted to drugs. The USA has over 2.7 million children with a parent in prison.  As taxpayers,  we pay a tremendous amount  for mental health, drug addiction, incarceration.. I wonder when we as a society will get it that prison is not always the answer.

                                                     Inmates reading to their Children


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Peggy said...

Glad to create awareness. Our tax dollars are spent on incarceration rather than on education. We rank low world wide in education. A lot of our current professionals, especially in the health field, are now from the more educated immigrants groups.