Friday, September 30, 2011

Family Literacy In Prison

They invited me to the 10 year celebration of the Family Literacy program I began.  A diligent correctional instructor continued the program as I went to set up a similar one in another prison.  One inmate said his daughter was 7 years old when the program began and he had never read or discussed books before.  Because of the program, he started discussing books during phone calls.  His daughter was now 17 years old and they still discussed books.  Wow.  My feet felt lighter as I walked up to get the award honoring me for being one of the initiators of the program.


Beryl said...

Loved the story about you in the Washington Post by Michael Rosenwald. On behalf of the community you served so well, thank you. For your readers that might have missed it, here is the link.

Best regards, Beryl Schewe

Lea Adams said...

Where is Brenda Vogel?

Peggy said...

Brenda Vogel who retired in 2000, died last November. She was a true prison library advocate.