Saturday, April 2, 2011

Prisoner's Feedback

 The Washington Post article    reminded me of my  archive of stuff(last accessed about 8 years ago when I was getting rid of accumulated papers).   Among them was my occasional  prison  journal, and the appreciative  notes prisoners sent me even after I left the system.  Inmates used scraps of paper or cardboard boxes to write notes or  to make greeting cards.  Two years after I left the state prison libraries to return to public libraries, I received a package at the library address. Contents- a beautiful drawing of the Jamaican flag glued on cardboard.  Attached to the card was a note from another prisoner.   The artist always insisted that I should not call him an inmate.  He was a " prisoner".    The back side of the note  was a typewritten directive from the captain's office.  - December 24, 1993-  PASS LIST FOR VOLLEY BALL GAME.  ... Please allow the below listed men to report to the gym when called for.... I had no idea what the Washington Post Interview would be about, so I went into my prison file, and pulled out this one - from 1994!!!

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