Monday, October 11, 2010

Library Snapshot Day

JCI inmates use legal and general databases
Photographs are the property of the Division of Correction.
MCTC inmates browse library shelves

Three of the Maryland Correctional Prison Libraries participated in Library Snapshot Day.  Jessup Correctional Institution (JCI), Maryland Correctional Education Training Center (MCTC), and Eastern Correctional Institution-West(ECIW).  Statistics for that day:
MCTC with 1 full time librarian and 8 inmate clerks, had  162 patrons in the library, processed 75 items for inmates on segregation, checked out 83 magazines,  and 86 books,  answered 78 general and 60 legal reference questions.  8 inmates used the career center, 74 used computer databases.  48 students participated in the 2 education classes on library/reference instruction. 35 viewed CNN.(Total population- approx. 2,500)

ECIW-  1 full time librarian and 8 inmate clerks had 108 visitors, checked out 29 magazines and 101 books, answered 55 general and 71 legal reference questions,18 inmates used the career center, 54 used computer databases, 48 books were repaired.  There was1 book discussion with 11 patricipants and 1 facilitator.( Inmate population approx. 1200)

Shirley Smith MCTC Librarian, assists library users

Grace Schroder, Librarian, at JCI library information desk


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jess green said...

This is wonderful. It's great to know that inmates are utilized as clerks and that these resources are available to other inmates.