Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Prisoner and the Librarian

"Do the prisoners try to hit on you?" asked the public librarian who just told me with a shiver that she could never work in a prison library.  I explained that in prisons the institution rules outline codes of conduct among staff and inmates. Of course not everyone follow those rules but there are consequences for deviants who get caught.  She laughed when I told her my response to an inmate who one day told me how nice I looked.  My response?  I looked him in the eye and said, "In this place if you put a skirt over a mopstick, it would look nice to you". I then walked away from the inmate as I did not intend to engage in any personal conversation. Another inmate said he would be out of prison soon and could I give him my telephone number. I said as earnestly as I could.  "Sure". 123 456 7890" He wrote it down then started laughing when he realized I was just counting from 1-10.
A great read on prisoner profile can be found in the book by Clark and McCreaigh,  Library Services to The Incarcerated
Just read Judith Jordet's article on e books.

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