Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Transition Program at JCI

Constance Parker, Sarah Blusiewicz, Kelton Addison address inmates at Jessup Correctional Institute on Apprenticship, Licensing,Federal Bonding, and Expungement. JCI Librarian Grace Schroeder, is behind the circulation desk

During the past 2 years, Jessup Correctional has transformed from a maximum security prison to being a prison where majority of the inmates are parole violators. This focus of the inmates' information needs has shifted from predominantly legal information to information that will help them when they return to their communities. In addition to collections that help reentry, the library has introduced programs that include outside guests speaking on a variety of topics. Recently, Sara Bluciewicz, Constance Parker and Kelton Addison of the Dept. of Labor Licensing and Regulations, discussed general requirements for apprenticeship, sponsorship requirements, tips on how to present themselves, federal bonding, tax credits, and expungements, and the career one stop centers.

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Anonymous said...

I love these prisoners. They are fine!