Monday, December 22, 2008

Prisons and the Mentally Ill

Many reports say that a disproportionate numbers of inmates have mental illness. This article from the LA Times supports this. Holidays are particularly difficult for the inmates because they miss family. However, some of them from the prison, do things to give back to society. See some good stories Dept. of Public Safety in Maryland


the green librarian said...

Hello Peggy - I have an opportunity to work in a prison library that needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. This was unexpected and not anywhere I'd planned to take my career after graduation. I feel it might be the right fit. Is there anyway I could email you some questions about the profession and what a successful prison library is and isn't, especially about the relationship between the librarians and other staff. I'd like to get a more complete picture before taking this big project on. Please email me at Thanks in advance.

Peggy said...

Hi Catherine

Sure I am willing to provide you with some answers. At least I will try. You may email me at: