Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another prison Library blog

This morning my email pointed me to another prison library blog from Washington State. The experience and sentiment of the Librarian is exactly how I feel working first as a prison librarian and now as the prison library coordinator. I love the letter from the ex offender. I have several experiences similar to hers. I recorded them in my blog Waiting to see Barack on February 11, and in a letter I received on May 17, 2008. Some of my feel good library stories are recorded in Vignettes

3 comments: said...

Hi there,

My name is Genna Saloff, and I am a student at Drexel to obtain my MSLS. I want to become a prison librarian, and right now I am preparing for a research paper on the information needs of the incarcerated. Would you be able to assist me with information on doing either? I really appreciate any help.

Thanks so much,
Genna Saloff,

Peggy said...

Email me. I will be glad to help. We need more recruits to the profession

Bail Bonds said...

That's got to be one of the more cool, interesting professions I can think of. I think a bail bondsman is interesting enough, but when you tell a new acquaintance, you're a prison librarian, that's got to easily break the ice.

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