Monday, August 4, 2008

Internet and Prison Libraries

I get about 3 emails per week about various prison library issues. The most frequently asked is about the the Internet and prison libraries. I used the prison library listserv to ask about their specific institution. Below are some responses.

Melisa Gilbert, librarian at Arrowhead Correctional Center in Colorado, did an excellent presentation at July's 63rd Int'l CEA Conference in Denver. She provided an overview of offender internet access from a stakeholder point of view. She also prepared an excellent webliography, which may be accessed at

Red Rock Correctional, part of CCA does provide from lexis just what you're alluding to: the computers boot through to a specific 'website' and there aren't any navigational aids and/or links off/from that site. Lexis has provided a custom interface for the inmates.

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